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Forthcoming Tours

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The Eastern Jaunt

This walk is called a jaunt because it really is one – a walk for sheer pleasure! It encompasses the most amount of diversity in structures - from a priest’s house to a feudal agriculturalist’s home, past a collection of outsize bhoota figures which will fill you with awe, and into our museum of traditional paintings. There are no palaces in this tour but some of the vantage points and houses may reveal grandeur of a different kind! 

The Northern Trail

If you have stamina, this walk is for you – and we hope no one trails behind the others! It covers the length of the Village and is mind-boggling for sheer contrariness. Here, the spiritual (a monastery) balances out the material (the traders’ houses); the simple seafarer’s home offsets the elaborate trader’s house; you see lovely open balconies and closed porches, sit-outs and even sit–ins. As if all this wasn’t enough, you experience a perfect example of a courtyard house!

Hasta Shilpa Heritage House - Museum of  Toys and Playthings

This is a visit especially intended for groups of school children. The collection of toys and playthings will soon have a dedicated space in Vijayanath Shenoy’s own Hasta Shilpa Heritage House. This stand-alone structure in its own compound is the flagship of Heritage Village and is easily accessible to groups of young school children upto 10th standard.