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Ongoing  Guided Tours

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The Southern Stroll

Entry Fees: 300/- per head
Duration of the Tour: 01:30 Hours

11.30 AM | 02.00 PM | 04.00 PM

In the first of our newly curated walks, you wander through three of the most beautiful royal structures in the Heritage Village to get a glimpse of different aspects of our regal past. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also see a quintessential Mangalore Christian House and top it with a museum of Bastar art. You even go through the old Bazaar Street where you see what window shopping is all about! The Southern Stroll is an easy walk, as its name suggests, and if you’re a first time visitor to Heritage Village (or have difficulty walking), we recommend you start with this tour. 

The Heritage Village Walk

Entry Fees: 250/- per head
Duration of the Tour: 01.00 Hours
[Only for groups of more than 25 people, with advance booking.]

This is our classic outdoor walk, which takes you through the lanes and bylanes of the Heritage Village so you can enjoy the ambience of a South Indian village, feel the sun on your skin even as your vision is permeated by the sight of the wood and the mud of which these structures were constructed.


Heritage by Night

Entry Fees: 500/- per head
for a limited time only

Duration of the Tour: 01.5 Hours

Advance Booking Available

 07.00 PM to 08.30 PM

Every Saturday evening several structures of the Heritage Village are lit up for more than an hour and glow elegantly in the night. Family groups, conference groups or just friends may also request the lighting for special occasions, conferences/seminars, functions or festivals, when they have come together to discuss, debate or celebrate! For our visitors, Heritage By Night has proved to be a memorable experience and a relaxing end to a day’s hard work at a conference, other events or festivities.          

The Eastern Jaunt

Entry Fees: 300/- per head
Duration of the Tour: 01:30 Hours

11.30 AM | 02.00 PM | 04.00 PM

This tour, called ‘Eastern Jaunt’ is a walk back in time, across several villages and communities of Southern Karnataka as represented in their built heritage. 
The tour includes manor houses such as Vaderhobli House of the Koni Karanths, Yerukone House and Nelyadi House, all of Kundapur Taluk , four centuries old Harkur Olaginamane, which has the rare and stunning colonnade of maddale (mridangam) shaped pillars, Navayath Muslim House from Bhatkal. 
The pinnacle of this tour is Kunjur Chowki Mane, a courtyard house of the Shivalli Brahmins which is the best extant example of this type.